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Cosco CC-360XL Crossfit


Original price was: ₹695000.Current price is: ₹590700.

Product Highlights

360XL, 8 gates crossfit is designed with experienced imagination,
best way of combination to variable exercise programs in limited
space.You could workout in thousand different way on this machine.

Size (LxWxH): 5559 x 4415 x 2578mm
Net Weight : 1760 Kgs.
Steel Tubing :60 x 120mm
Steel Thickness : 3.0mm

Net Weight
1760 Kgs.

Size (LxMxH) Max.:
5559 x 4415 x 2578mm

8 Gates

Oympic Bar

Medicinal Ball
1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg

4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg

Physical Training Rope
Length 9m, diameter 38mm

Steel Tubing
120 x 60 mm

Steel Thickness
3.0 mm

Trainig Rope
4 pieces in set

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Cosco CC-360XL Crossfit:

  • Parallel bars: Wide grip, narrow grip, and support height adjustment.
  • Complete all kinds of training action of parallel bar, with high degree of freedom.
  • ♦ Chin-up: With high strength grinding treatment, stable, reliable and comfortable. Wide grip, narrow grip, horizontal, vertical, to meet all the needs of posture.
  • ♦ Power Rope: It adopts different ways of shaking to make effective exercise. It is helpful to improve the speed, strength and explosive force.
  • ♦ Functional Trainer: It can nearly exercise all parts of the muscle.
  • ♦ Hanging Rope: Is Originally from U.S. Navy Seals. It can increase strength, balance force, flexibility and core stability.
  • ♦ Sandbag: Punching a sandbag is a necessary method for exercising neck and back muscle. Boxing sport has an especial health care effect on such people working at their desks.
  • ♦ Medicine Ball: Suitable for all ages of users, medicine ball can fully exercise the chest, abdomen, back muscles. It can improve the user’s explosive force and coordination.
  • ♦ Elastic rope: Aimed at the user’s small muscle group. With a variety of using methods, effectively preventing muscle strain.
  • ♦ Knee raise training: It can specially exercise the waist and abdomen. It can replace the parallel bars to exercise the arm muscle.
  • ♦ Springboard trainer: It is for the leg training to improve the user’s strength and coordination. It can adjust the height of springboard, for different training intensity.


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