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Yonex Voltric 7 Badminton Racket



Product Highlights

  • Yonex Voltric 7 Badminton Racket + Mavis 300 + Towel Grip.
  • Grip Size : G4 (3.25 Inches)| Weight : 2U(90-95)
  • Color : Red | Head Shape : Isometric
  • Frame – graphite, Shaft – hm graphite


Out of stock

Out of stock


Yonex Voltric 7 Badminton Racket:

The Frame

The Voltric 7 frame is composed of 2 materials; H.M. graphite and tungsten. This gives it a light weight of approximately 83 grams around.

When examining the racket, you’ll also notice that the frame is thinner than you might be used too. No worries, it’s purely for weight purposes. The Yonex Voltric series is as durable as ever.

You’ll feel the light weight of the frame and the medium flex out on the court through. They combine to effortlessly make the racket be fast through the air yet hit the birdie with enough force for a powerful shot.

Weight and Balance

Firmly in the 4U weight class, the Yonex Voltric 7 weighs in at 83g. This is on the lighter side of badminton rackets but depending on your play style, this can be a huge plus. For players looking for a badminton racket for control, you’ll want to look at the Voltric 7 very closely.

As far as the technology in the frame goes, the Voltric series incorporates a lot. A lot of it is just marketing words that don’t actually mean anything on the court. I’m only going to mention two that actually make a difference.

Yonex “incorporated isometric technology”(see what I mean about marketing words?) into this racket meaning that the head shape is isometric. Isometric means that the main and the cross strings are the same length. For you, this means that the sweetspot is over 30% larger when compared to standard rackets.

Strings, Grip Size, and Extras

When ordering from Pentathlon.in, the Voltric 7 comes pre-strung and with a accompanying bag. If you want to get this racket restrung, the optimal string tension is 24 lbs. To put this number into perspective, most of Yonex’s rackets are in the 20-24 lbs range.

The grip size of the Voltric 7 is a G4 which is slightly smaller than the largest grip size. For quick reference, Yonex uses their own grip size system with 3 grip sizes: G3, G4, G5. G3 grips have a 95 mm circumference. G4 grips have a 89 mm circumference and G5 grips have the smallest at 83mm.


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