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Yonex BG EXBOLT 63 Badminton String

5.00 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
3 Review(s)

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Product Highlights

TOKYO, Japan – Introducing a brand-new badminton string series, the EXBOLT. The
first to the series is the EXBOLT 63, and is constructed from a proprietary new material
called FORGED FIBER which is a first to combine durability, thin gauge and quick
repulsion all into one.

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While thinner strings tend to have higher repulsion, there has always been the issue of
low durability. FORGED FIBER was developed to solve this very issue. Ordinary nylon
had a limit to the strength of its fibers, which is why Yonex reconstructed the fibers on a molecular level to build stronger bonds for lasting durability. This FORGED FIBER gave Yonex more freedom to construct thinner strings without compromising durability.

The result is a combination of quick repulsion and durability, and even though the
gauge is only 0.63mm, it is 24% more durable than conventional thin gauge products*1.  The EXBOLT 63 provides exhilarating sounds of impact, and its quick repulsion will deliver your drives 7cm deeper*2, giving the opponent little to no time to counterattack or gain the upper hand in a match.

Yellow, Black, White
0.63 mm
10 m (33 ft) / 200 m (656 ft)
High-Intensity Nylon Multifilament
Forged Fiber
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3 reviews for Yonex BG EXBOLT 63 Badminton String

  1. Raj (verified owner)

    Ordered and received the sting very quick. The website person is very friendly and kept checking the process 😊

  2. Raj (verified owner)

    Quick delivery and website person was great and keep checking the order shipment and delivery process

    • admin

      Thank you, Sir. We look forward to serve you again.

      • admin

        Thank you, Sir. We look forward to serve you again.

  3. JINSON PJ (verified owner)

    Quick Delivery and original product.

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