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What are the points to be considered while buying a Badminton Racquet?

Tips to Buy a Badminton Racquet:

To buy a badminton racquet for a professional player, following key points to be considered:

1. Brand of Badminton Racquet:

There are many Badminton brands available in the market such as Yonex, Lining, Victor, Carlton, Head, Ashaway, Apacs etc. Among all these badminton brands available in the market, the top brands are Yonex and Lining. So you can go with either Yonex or Lining depending on your budget. Buy Best Badminton Racquets Online at Best Price in India – Pentathlon.in

2. Material of Badminton Racquet:

You should buy a High Modulus Graphite Badminton Racquet.

3. Shape of Badminton Racquet Heads:

The area which bounds the stringed area is called ‘the head’ of the badminton racket. Modern rackets come in 2 head shapes, i.e. isometric and oval-head. The tip of an isometric racket head is more squarish compared to an oval-head racket. The Oval Head shape is used by professional players who usually prefer more power on their shots.

4. Racquet Strings Tension:

String tension refers to how tight the racket string is tied to the racquet, and it’s measured in pounds (lbs). For average players, 22-26 lbs will be good enough. Over-loose string will cause the string bed to be too bouncy, and hence make the control of your shot execution harder. Choose a badminton racket that could handle the string tension that you need, to prevent damage to the racket during the stringing process.

Another note that we want to point out is when a string tension is too high for you, it will normally cause vibration to your hand and arm, just like what an over-stiff racket will do to you, especially when you miss the sweet spot. Over the time, this will cause injury to your hand and arm. So be wise when choosing a suitable string tension for yourself.

5. Flexibility of Shaft:

Flexibility of badminton racquet’s shaft is better for a badminton player who want to defend a lot. Because flexible shaft is having a longer bending moment which help to defend smashes. Generally, badminton racquets are made of flexible, medium flexible, stiff and extra stiff shafts.

6. Weight of Badminton Racquet:

Badminton Rackets come in different weight classes with ‘U’ being the indicator. A good badminton racquet usually weights around 80 to 88 Gram. Now most of the badminton racquets being manufactured with lighter weights around 77 to 80 gram. Most rackets are weighted around 3U (85-89g) or 4U (80-84g), this is because it’s a good  weight  balance for players to hit hard without compromising on speed.

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