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Best Sports Shop in Noida

There are so many sports stores in Noida and Greater Noida area. But there is a Best Sports Shop in Noida , Greater Noida area i.e. Pentathlon Sports India, where you will find all the branded sports gear. Not only sports gear, but you can also buy sportswear, fitness equipment, and bicycle for all age groups. Pentathlon is a multi-brand sporting goods store and their price are very competitive. All the top national/international sports brands are available in their store like:

They are the authorized dealer for all the above brands. You will genuine branded Sports, Fitness, and Bicycle Product at a very competitive price (equivalent to Amazon and Flipkart). You will get up to 50% discount on branded sports, fitness and bicycle products. This is the only store where you will get all the sports, fitness and bicycle products under one roof. They have Yonex machine for badminton stringing. you can get your badminton stringing by highly trained staff. Their badminton stringing charges are competitive. For Yonex BG 65 strings, they charge INR 500/- only.

You can also buy from their website, www.pentathlon.in and pick up your order from their store. On their website, you will get up to 20% additional discount as compared to their offline retail store. Their tagline is “Play not to win but to excel!. Buy from your own Indian sports store. Best Sports Shop in Noida.

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