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Top 20 Bicycle Brands in India?

Post Covid-19, the bicycle market in India is flourished. The bicycle demand is increased just double as compared to pre-Covid time. Most of the bicycle companies in India were not able to meet the sudden increase in market demand. The Top 10 bicycle brands in India for medium segment are as follows:

Medium Range Bicycle Brands: Below INR 30,000/- price range.

  • All above cycle brands are manufacturing medium-range good quality bicycles.
  • Their bicycle prices are almost equal in each size and age group.
  • This shows the tough competition among top cycle manufacturers in India.
  • You can buy these bicycle brands at www.pentathlon.in or visit Pentathlon Sports India offline retail stores to check out and buy the best bicycles brands available in India.
  • Pentathlon Sports is a authorized dealer for most of the above bicycle brands. You can visit Pentathlon Sports Noida at Gaur City-2 area.

Premium Range Bicycle Brands: Above INR 30,000/- price range.

There are some premium imported bicycle brands available in India as follows:

Now people in India are more health conscious and they are investing more on sports, fitness and bicycle products. Also, pollution level in Indian metro cities are above the permissible limit and petroleum prices are also very high. So people are choosing bicycle to commute their offices to get health benefits, to save environment and of course money.

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