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Top 10 Cricket Bats for 2022

Who does not love to watch an exhilarating cricket match with 12 runs required from the last
over? Most people glue to their television set when Cricket is going on. It is not less than a
religion in India, and people of all ages love it. The younger generation is passionate about
cricket and almost everyone plays it. The battle between cricket bat and ball is always gripping,
and there is no dull moment in a cricket match. The course of the match can change at any time.
Nevertheless, the British brought cricket to India for the first time in 1721, but the Indian cricket
team got recognition in 1932. Ever since India won the world cup in 1981, it has become
extremely popular.
Now-a-days you can see kids playing cricket even in the small street as well. If you are a
batsman, two things are very important; learning the technique and choosing the right cricket
bat. Right bat helps you execute your plan correctly, and you can score tons of runs. It also helps
you to be at your best as you can hit the ball wherever you want. Which are the best cricket bats
for you? Many budding cricketers have this question. In this article, we will help you find the
answer to this question.

3 Types of Cricket Bats that Most Cricketers Use

Cricket Bat English Willow 

Cricket bats are usually made from willow. Willow wood is hard but lightweight. The bats made
from English Willow are convenient to use but you can hit the ball hard. This wood comes from
England and is of superior quality. Many professional cricketers choose English willow bats as
the impact is much higher than bats made from any other wood. They come in a variety of sizes,
shapes, and weights. You need to choose the right one according to your convenience. 

Cricket Bat Kashmir Willow

These types of bats are made from Kashmiri willow wood. This wood is sturdy and lasts for a
long time. The Kashmiri willow wood is brown, so you can identify them easily. It is usually
made by hand and costs a little higher than the English willow bats. Professional cricketers like
them because of their toughness and shock-resistant properties. These bats are a little heavier
than English willow bats, and because of that many cricketers prefer them over English Willow

Softball Cricket Bat Or Cricket Tennis Bat 

These bats are mainly used for children as children can carry them easily, and they are not very
expensive. Professional cricketers don’t use these bats; they are intended to play with tennis
balls only. It is best to play at homes, gully, or any grassy area. Softball cricket bat helps children
while they are learning cricket skills and how to handle a cricket equipment at a very young age.

Top 10 Cricket Bats for 2022 

Cosco Cricket Tennis Bat Striker

This bat is designed for playing with tennis balls. It is one of the most popular bats for
beginners. Despite it being lightweight, there is no compromise with quality. However, do not
use it to strike a leather ball. This bat comes in different sizes, so you can choose the one that
suits you the best. If you are looking for a cricket bats price below 500, you can check this. It
might cost you a little more, but you will enjoy playing with it.

SS Club Vellum Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat-SH 

The SS club vellum Kashmir willow cricket bat is for those who have moved one step forward in
their batting skills. It is made of Kashmir willow and can be used to play with leather balls. This
bat is tough and shock-resistant, so you won’t see any dent even when the bat hits the ball hard.
A protective film is used to protect it from dents.  Another feature of this bat is it comes with the
latest Shape With a concave edge that ensures excellent performance.

SS 281 Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat 

It is a lightweight bat suitable for young budding cricketers. It is suitable for playing with leather
balls. It comes with the latest shape that makes it an excellent choice for the new-age batsman.
Made of English willow this bat helps you hit the cricket ball hard without any shock on hand. It
has an excellent grip that makes this bat a perfect choice for those who want to be a professional

SS Canon Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

SS Canon Kashmir willow cricket bat is ideal for the age group of 15+ yrs. It is made of superior
quality Kashmir willow that brings out the best in you. The bat comes with a rubber grip to help
you hold it comfortably. If you are looking for a cricket bat weighing less than one Kg, it can be
an excellent choice. The bat also comes at an affordable price which makes it attractive for a
budding cricketer.

SS Extreme Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

The SS Kashmir willow cricket bat is designed for professional cricketers. It is made of top-
quality Kashmir willow wood and created with air-dried technique. This bat comes with extra
thick edges for better impact with the ball. The best thing about this bat is, it is shockproof, so it
won’t affect your hand no matter how long you play.

SS Custom English Willow Cricket Bat

SS custom English willow cricket bat is made from superior quality English willow with an air-
dried method. The bat is made with the latest shape and concave edges that offer optimum
performance. This lightweight and tough bat helps you hit the bat hard without a lot of effort. If
you are looking for a premium quality bat, this bat can be a great option. 

SS Dynasty English Willow Cricket Bat-SH

SS dynasty English willow cricket bat is made from super quality English grade 6 willow with
air-dried technology. It comes with a round handle and concave edge that is uniquely designed
for better grip and outstanding performance. It is suitable for cricketers who love to strike the
ball hard. 

SS Blast English Willow Cricket Bat

This bat is made of English grade 5 willow with dried air technology. It is made from premium
quality English willow, which is tough and shock-resistant. These bats are made by automated
machines and they are made with precision to offer the best performance. This lightweight
cricket bat comes with a better grip which makes it comfortable for every cricketer.

SS GG Smacker English Willow Cricket Bat

SS GG smacker English willow cricket bat comes with thick edges, but they are very light. It is a
perfect option for those who like to hit the ball very hard. This bat is designed for the shorter
formats where the batters like to go after the bowlers from the first ball. This bat is a little
expensive; however, it does the job perfectly, and you will enjoy playing with it.

SS Gladiator English Willow Cricket Bat

This bat is made of the best quality English willow. The top players of the world use this bat, so
there is no doubt about the performance. It is designed with the latest Shape with massive
concave TON edges. This bat comes with perfect weight, which makes it suitable for most
cricketers. If you are looking for the topmost quality cricket bat, you should go for this option. 

Conclusion: Choosing the right cricket bat is a challenge as there are so many options available
these days. It is even more challenging to buy Cricket bats online as you can’t hold them
physically before placing the order. If you choose the wrong bat, it can affect your performance.
That’s why we have listed the top ten cricket bats for you. These bats are the best in their
category, and you can be assured of their performance. You can buy the one according to your

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